Behind the Scenes

When I started putting my thoughts down on paper, I didn’t think that my writing will one day manifest into a book . In fact when I started writing in April 2016, I had no idea that anything I would write will one day be shared with the world.
When I launched my blog, I saw that my transparency and vulnerability gave a meaning to my process that was not automatically obvious. So even when it hurt or when I felt too exposed I kept writing. I remember people feeling uncomfortable reading my post and asking me ‘don’t you think you are over sharing?’ I remember toning my truth down just so the content was more palatable to the select few. But eventually I had to get past the discomfort of others and share my truth. And through writing I saw people being helped through my experience.
After the Holy Spirit ministered to me that I should write a book followed by the third person confirming this with a ‘You Should write a book comment’ I used my first ever solo trip in September 2016 to start writing my memoir. And oh what a journey that was. I remember the first day I set out to write. I remember it because as I wrote segments of my journey, I cried so much that I could barely see the words I typed through the tears in my eyes.
3 years on in the exact same month that I sat in that Atlanta hotel room typing, I held an intimate book reading of my debut memoir – Behind the Scenes.
To many it came as a shock on that faithful August day when I announced the book reading with a post. Even some of my closest friends had no idea that I was writing a book. And left to fear, they would have never known.

I remember when I finally stopped running and picked up the courage to book a venue. I set myself clear deadlines to edit if needed and select the chapters from my completed book to read on the day.


Reading through the chapters of the book I could barely recognise the person who authored it. The change in the three years since I started writing the book till the day I would eventually share it was mind blowing. And as I read through some of the most heart wrenching chapters, I felt myself feeling so vulnerable to the possible scrutiny I may face. I was taking people behind the scenes of one of the hardest seasons in a way that I knew would shake a few tables.

I wasn’t ready for my parents, my siblings and my friends to hear some of the rawest expressions of the once broken heart that was within me. For me to expose some of my own personal weaknesses, and also for the other party involved to find out this was coming and potentially get in contact with me. It was such an emotional rollercoaster and in all honesty the fact that September 20th happened is a testimony that only God can take credit for. After all was said and done, the feeling of fear could not over ride the great sense of gratitude to a loving God who enabled me to go from a broken heart to a thriving and healed one.

One day I will share some of the details and processes behind writing the memoir but really this post is to say a massive thank you to all who came out to support, those who messaged and for everyone asking when the book will be available, the answer is soon! I am in the process of confirming a publisher and we hope that by January 2020 the book will be available. In the meantime, please have a watch of the highlight video perfectly created by Kingdom focussed media and to view some of the images beautifully  captured by Iam Media, visit my Instagram page @sarahalonge_ and click the BTS highlight reel



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