Wake up and smell the coffee : From vision to reality

It starts with the desire not the feeling.Remember that and trust me your visions will be a reality in no time!

There was a time that I envisioned myself being a powerful board member and director at a global organisation. I wanted to be someone elses’ boss but I was more than happy having a boss myself.I mean the security of waking up making someone elses’ dreams come true while checking in a fat pay check was more than enough for me.

And I want to let you know that that is OK! We live in a time where everyone thinks they have to own a business and be employers of men but the reality is not everyone will. And that is OK.

But if the reason why you are shying away from your business ideas is security, then you need to just picture yourself sitting back, reading a paper and  bang! You see your vision with someone else’s name attached to it. Cause that is what happens 9 times out of 10.

I never actually saw myself as someone who would have multiple business ideas. Which was very strange. I come from an extremely entrepreneurial family. And I mean multiple businesses per family member. While I was there with zero, nada, niltch. Nothing excited me. Well that is what I thought.

In 2013 I remember sitting in my Bishops office at Church and he said to me that he sees me starting multiple businesses. Have you ever had one of those moments where you say Amen but deep down you’re like..is that word really for me? Yeah that was me. But not quite a year after I started S’Alonge designs. A few months after I had pages full of different businesses that I wanted to execute, course that I wanted to complete, targets I wanted to meet!

I realised that the fear to be anything other than ‘safe’ had closed my eyes completely to even the potential of starting my own business.

Anyway within a month of the idea of S’Alonge, I was pretty much ready to go.

You see there was no time for feeling! That was one month of pure desire. I saw it and I wanted it so I went for it. Each day after work I had my eyes literally on the prize so I worked on my line. I still do!

Now I will be lying if I said that between now and then I have not allowed feelings to stop me . Because it has, and sometimes your feelings will prove true. I have launched new designs that quite frankly did terribly. What a knock to my confidence that was! But that is all it was, a knock. One knock does not break the door instead it invites the person at the other side to come in. In other words sometimes it is through our failures that doors open up. Better doors at that. When you fail something you are not defeated. Neither does it make you a failure. I’ll put it like this start seeing your fails as lessons on what not to do and how to do better.

Today I want you to commit to speaking your vision out daily. Write it out and have it visible in front of you. Make it your screen saver on your phone. And every time you feel like quitting remember how much you want it. Set Goals and for each goal set a milestone. Celebrate your milestones to keep you motivated to reach the next one. Howard Schultz the man behind global coffee chain Starbucks went to 242 investors. 217 of them did not believe in his business proposal and only 1 fully understood his vision. Not everyone will believe in your vision. So stop looking for validation from those around you. Not everyone will believe in it but he believed in it enough to keep going and because of this there are 23,768 Starbucks stores today.





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