Who was I before I met you…


Some times the challenge is remembering who you were before, reflecting on who you became and adjusting to who you are now

Rev Wonu Adefala Founder of Eleuthera 

Shout out to Rev Wonu again for inspiring this post.

Somedays I sit back and I wonder, why its so hard for people to move on. It’s like we don’t enjoy being stuck where we are but we find it so hard to move away from where we are.
I soon realised that for me, moving on was hard because what was only a part of my life, was being treated as if it were my entire life! 

Who was I before I lost that job? Who was I before the break up? Who was I before my business started to fail? These are all questions I just had to ask.

Remembering who you were is key! And not because who you were before is who you are trying to be ( In fact that is a God forbid request) But because who you were before is a reminder that:

  1. there was life before all of these things. You had a goal and a purpose. Whatever it is, it will be better after this if you live it out
  2.  who you were before allowed these things to temporarily defeat you and;
  3.  who you were before would allow this to happen all over again!

And ain’t nobody got time for that!

You can’t control what other people do or the economy or anything else that is external to you. But you can take control over your responses to things. And staying still in your mess is a response. Let me be real, I have gone through some things that have knocked me straight out! I mean first round knock out! And then others that gave me a few blows but never quite gave me the K.O.

 I realised that with each trail, my endurance to stand was a testiment to the lessons I learnt from the ones before. What was funnier is that the trails never got easier but my responses got better. 

In dealing with the ‘new you’ you have to identify the lessons. Everything you have and will ever go through is for a purpose. And that purpose is tied to your destiny. Understand that when Jesus Christ was being persecuted, he realised that if God allowed him to go through the pain, it was for a purpose far greater than him. He understood that all things work together for the good of those who love God so he moved on from the place of ‘God if is your will’ to total acceptance. Not total questions or reasonings but acceptance.

Right now it may not feel like it is working out for your good, but just like any great phenomenon there are many processes and test that need to take place before the product is released. Why else would it take a year to bring out a new iPhone? Life will try and test you. The enemy will push your buttons and play with with you to see how far you can go. And with each test its in the moving on, that you can learn what to do if the same button is pushed again.

If you are worse off than you were when you started then you are not adjusting to the new you but instead living the life of the person you became! And that makes moving on impossible! 

There are two main things I want you to hold on to.

  1. Remember that God is unchanging. Unlike you who changes daily, God remains a constant. He won’t change because our situation is bleak. He still remains the God who makes the impossible possible. The one who heals and the one who delivers. Remember that and you’ll see that you can draw your being from him and not your circumstance
  2. Abide in him always. Don’t wear yourself out by reliving what needs to die.

These are two principles that give your soul hope when hope seems to have gone. All of us have visions to fulfil and destinies to live but we can’t if we do not move on.

Next week I speak about how vision can be fulfilled once we just get up and go! If you have been stuck in the same place for too long, I hope after reading this post you feel ready to take the steps to move on!

Until next time x

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