Sarah Alonge is a public speaker, skills trainer, business owner and blogger to name a few.

Sarah is known for using her unique sense of humour to build a rapport with her audience. Her famous ‘one liners’, eloquent manner and her passion for people are a few of the reasons why she is able to relate to individuals across all ages and backgrounds.

Sarah takes great pride in her Christian faith. She is a minister who uses her real life experience to give hope and shed light through the medium of writing and speaking.



Some women are lost in the fire, others are built in it – Unknown

Through some of the toughest, funnest and pretty much average experiences of her life, she gained a passion for writing, talking and sharing!

This website will include blogs on:

  • everyday life and motivation
  • life as an entrepreneur, full time worker and aspiring superwoman/man and;
  • mental, physical and spiritual well-being

To keep up to date with the upcoming engagements Sarah will be involved in, follow @sarahalonge_ and for inspirational quotes, follow @realtalkwithsarahalonge on Instagram.

COMING SOON –┬áReal Life with Sarah the Podcast.

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