April 2023. Four months in.

I spent the first three months going along with the flow and hoping month four will feel less chaotic.

Don’t get me wrong, so many beautiful things have blossomed this year but man does each day sometimes feel like chaos. The amount of times I’ve tried to catch my breath amidst the day to day toggle that is the gift of life.

Surely there is more to life than getting up, working, replying to endless messages, attending back to back events, going to church, serving others, trying to maintain relationships while juggling multiple responsibilities! (Catches her breath) Going to bed, waking up, getting myself ready and doing the same thing all over again!

Is life supposed to be this chaotic

Honestly, I don’t think it is. But here we are day to day equipping ourselves with the tools to navigate through this chaos. We don’t need new tools to get through it, we need to let it go.

Your chaos is self inflicted

A few days ago I realised that the chaos in my life is easily explained. It had everything to do with me and very little to do with “them”

I was trying to do all the things I was doing in my last season while taking on the new of the season I am currently in.

I wondered why everything felt so heavy. Why it felt harder than before. Can you imagine going on a beach vacation, packing your swimsuit, your sun hat a bunch of maxi’s the whole lot. But before packing your beach necessities, you forgot to empty out you suitcase and unpack all the gear from your winter vacation in the Swiss Alps. Not only is your baggage heavy, it is filled up with things that don’t serve where you’re headed too! This is exactly how it is when we cling on to the last phase of our life! Heavy and unnecessary.

Your pace, not theirs.

Sometimes the seasons of your life change at a rate that is too fast for the people around you. You’ll be tempted to try and pivot between the season you’re in and the season they are familiar with.


Learn to embrace your new season with the acceptance that you have outgrown a few things and maybe even a few people.

You will get the urge to juggle multiple things when God has given you the instruction to focus. The first three months of this year I paid the price of not being obedient to the call of focus. By juggling what you are not called to, you will notice very quickly that you have so much going on but very little progress will be made.

If you can resonate with the above, don’t let month four be a replication of the last three months. Letting go of previous seasons can be hard. But God gives us the grace for each season we are in and the strength to do hard things.

If you want the next phase of your life to bring you the satisfaction and peace you pray for, you have to be prepared to let go.

Lean on the grace of this season and not the former glory of the old.

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