Take the step

I read something the other day. It said ‘sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life’

It made me think of all of the little steps I didn’t take because I despised the little or sometimes it was because I underestimated the importance of moving.

To you the steps feel small. We often ask how can doing something so small have an effect on the greater. And the truth is until we take that step we will never know.

I remember when I decided that I wanted to make a lifestyle change. I did not want it to be a quick fix like before where I would lose lots of weight in a short amount of time and then put it back on. I wanted it to be long term. But I never took that small step to healthy weight loss because it felt too small to just have ‘smaller portions, to just add veg to my meals & work out a realistic amount‘ I wanted the drastic. I despised the small step because to me a small step took too long. So instead of starting with the small steps, I took large steps and kept on failing. What I didn’t realise is that that many consistent small steps in the right direction towards your goal will land you in your desired destination. 54 weeks of small steps later, I am 12kg smaller, have the cleanest bill of health I have had in 5 years and feel good on the inside and the outside.

Truthfully there is a time for the big steps. It may be that God has laid it on your heart to take that huge leap of faith and move to new city or to leave that job and if that is the case then leap with faith. But most often it is the smaller steps that we choose not to take that determine the trajectory of our life.

What are those small steps that you are despising? That small step the impatient you wants to bypass to reach the big goal?

Whether it is that small step of deleting the Deliveroo app and transferring the money you would have spend into your savings or if it is that small step of buying your website domain even though you are yet to have a product to launch, take it. Because those small steps combined together are the steps that will help you to reach the goal ahead.

Take that small step.

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