Don’t take it personal: 5 tips to manage the pressures of the social world!

I don’t know if it is because social media creates a false sense of privilege or if it is because there is something in the water of 2021 that causes people to air entitlement. Either way, its about time that we all take a chill pill and stop expecting from others what they do not need to give!

A few weeks ago, I found myself hiding from people. I mean literally hiding.

One would think that I was hiding because I owed someone money, or hadn’t delivered on something I promised. But this was not the case. I found myself hiding from the impossible demands of people and their ‘urgent’ DM’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media (sometimes) and I love how easily we can connect with people. But guys! the people behind the profiles are people. Most of whom have full lives outside of instagram. If you can relate to the above and have ever experienced the overwhelmed feeling that social media can sometimes bring, then this post is for you. I have created five easy tips/ reminders that helped me

1. You are allowed to scroll even if your DM’s are full!

Stop feeling guilty for being online and not responding to people straight away. You are allowed to scroll through the gram and consume content just as much as everyone else. If it helps, set out 30 minutes at the end of the day to respond to DM’s. This will help you to still be a content consumer as well as a creator.

2. If it is tagged, or if they can google it, it is not urgent.

I am sure we have all experienced that person continuously nudging us in our DM’s to send information that can be easily found or that you have tagged. I choose to still respond to these messages despite really wanting to respond ‘ please read the caption’, I tend to respond when I have the time and you should do the same if you choose to.

3. Taking a social media break is essential

I know we are told that in order to not mess up the algorithms you have to post every day, be present on stories blah blah blah… but is there an algorithm for your mental health? Taking a day, week, a month off socials is good for the mind.

4. No body is above blocking

If they stress you, are continuously disrespectful, have no regard for your personal time and give you anxiety, please don’t be afraid to press that block button.

5. Stay true to who you are

Before social media, you were you. Don’t let a few people on social media make you act out of character. If anyone on social media wants to take you to that place, don’t. Instead remember tip 4 and keep it moving

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 followers, social media can at times be more demanding of you than you have the capacity to give. It is ok to switch off. And to anyone who constantly takes it personally when people do not reply, just remember that just like you, they have responsibilities, a life outside of instagram and in the cases where they have thousands of followers, also remember that the same way you message them, dozens and sometimes 100’s of others do the same to. Be patient with people and most importantly, don’t take it personally 🙂

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