Behind The Scenes Is One years old!

I remember the day I finished writing the first draft of Behind The Scenes. I remember it because the moment my fingers stopped typing, it hit me that I had no excuses. The book I had been writing for 2 years was finally completed. I could no longer hide behind incomplete chapters or writers block. I had a first draft! 50,000 + words capturing a snapshot of the last 8 years of my life. Aside from the sense of pride and relief that I had actually written this book, I had an overwhelming sense of fear. This was not a fiction book revealing my vivid imagination and creativity to the world. This was a true life account of the most vulnerable experience of my life. A part of my past that impacted the years to follow in ways that would change my life forever. It took my friends, family, strangers both near & close, supporters and even nay-sayers behind the scenes.

So it is safe to say that the 17th August 2018 is a date engraved in my memory forever.

From the girl commuting with her laptop across the world jumping from cafe to cafe searching for a power connection, wifi & good coffee to the woman promoting her debut memoir, I have come along way. If you have been following me for long enough you would know that Behind The Scenes was written in multiple cities across multiple continents. Aside from travelling being a perfect escape for me during a trying time, it was also the perfect inspiration and serenity to write. I would often get into each city and pray that this book wouldn’t just have chapters written here but have readers across the land. And 4 years on from the beautiful city of Atlanta Georgia, the first city I travelled to to write, to Sunny Berlin the city I conceded my first draft, it was time to begin the journey to releasing Behind The Scenes. and What a Journey it was!

The next two years consisted of a book reading, dozens of no’s, countless edits, tears, more travelling, a global pandemic, fear, faith, more faith, courage and one yes!

One year on and all I can say is, I am so happy that I said yes. The no’s and the fear and the doubt could never win over my yes. It was a yes to being obedient to God and sharing this story with the world. When you say yes, God really does make a way. There were moments only hours before the release date that I did not think it would be possible! from technical hitches to issues with the content! you name it.

But against all of the odds, on 17th August 2020 during a global pandemic and exactly 2 years after I completed my first draft, I released Behind The Scenes worldwide! In it’s 1st 24 hours it was in the Amazon Best Sellers for religious romance ranking at number 17. And this would not have been possible without all of you.

From the day I announced I was releasing Behind The Scenes till now, I have had beautiful and humbling support. Because of you, I sold out my pre-order copies in a matter of hours! Because of you, Behind The Scenes has been purchased and read by over a thousand readers. Because of your support, I had been able to share my story. God blessed me with you all and I will forever be grateful.

For anyone who is siting on that idea and has 101 reasons why they can’t, submit it to God and see how He tuns a can’t into a can. As tempting as it is to speak your fear, speak what you want to see over your plans. From the moment I said those prayers in the four continents I had the privilege of writing Behind The Scenes in, I was speaking it into existence and declaring what I would one day see! And in True God Like fashion, God was already plotting how He would exceed it. Not only have multiple copies been sold in the four continents I visited, but in 6 of the 7 continents in this world.

To all my readers in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and in Australia, Thank you. All I need is a scientist who is temporarily based in Antartica to buy a copy and then we have conquered all 7 hahahaha! To my amazing publishers Truthtaboos and my book cover designer Urbanstamp gfx thank you for helping me to bring my vision to light

So today as Behind The Scenes turns one, this isn’t just a celebration for me, but for all of us!

To mark this amazing milestone, I will be doing a very special giveaway 😍

For more details join my instagram live today at 8pm BST @sarahalonge_

See you all at 8 today.

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