Ready, set, Take Five

For the last 5 years I have found comfort in writing. Writing my thoughts, my fears, my deepest secrets and everything that I couldn’t share with another human being.

It was the outlet I needed to express myself. Writing was my safe space. Through transitions such as dealing with the fall out of a public breakup and writing my debut memoir, I had a lot to say. And so “Dear diary” became one of my most said sentences.

From entries detailing the fears of re entering the dating world to welcoming the great milestone of thirty, I shared it with my diary.

And to celebrate my 30th Birthday last month I shared 30 of my journal entries in my new e-book Take Five.

These letters displayed the rawness of my emotions and the vulnerability of my inner being.  

The last half of my 20’s has been eventful to say the least. I have had my highs and I have had my lows. And as I read glimpses of these letter, I see one clear thing. Grace.

These 30 letters were selected because the represent an element of the last five years. But most importantly, it represents grace.

By sharing some of my experiences, I hope that the reader dealing with insecurities, the reader navigating the pressures of getting older and the reader desiring to fall in love with themselves all over again can find comfort in my story.

Available on Kindle. You can download the kindle app on on the apple App Store and Google play.

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