The thief we don’t see

So are you a thief?

I recently wrote a post on Instagram about comparison. We have all heard the term comparison steals but how about the term comparison can turn you into a thief?

Recently I have seen people literally imitating the work of others. For me imitation is not a form of flattery. It’s a cause of concern. I use to get angry when I would see people plagiarise but yesterday as I was reflecting on this, I realised that for many it’s deeper. Sometimes us comparing ourselves to others is based on a deep rooted insecurity which then leads us to imitate others because we admire what they are doing, but unfortunately have little faith in our own ability to do great things.

Who lied to you?

Who told you you aren’t good enough?

Truthfully, sometimes these thoughts are ones we have told ourselves. They may be seeds sown by others that we have accepted or lies from the enemy that we have taken as truth.

There will be people who try to take your smile.

Number 1: Don’t let them
Number 2: make sure the “people” excludes you.

We often rob ourselves of the happiness available to us because we compare ourselves to everyone and everything.

Newsflash 🔊 comparison is a thief. Thief of time, thief of joy and thief of sensible reasoning 👀 some of you are out here imitating people’s hard work because you don’t think what God has given to you is enough… I am lovingly here to say STOP IT

Don’t let comparison turn you into a clone, a plagiarist, a fraud.

You probably didn’t realise that everytime you compare yourself you sow a seed and want to outdo another or achieve what someone else achieved. Look at Saul and David…
But what about what God called you to achieve? When will you focus on that?

Don’t let comparison be the cause of delay!
Don’t let comparison turn you into a thief.

What God put inside of you is more than enough! Focus on that.

Be the very best at perfecting your craft and realise that the only standard is the you you can be!

Comparison is a dangerous drug! Don’t let it ruin you before you have even had the chance to really start.

You have got this!

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