Heartbreak; the wound that heals

Last week I uploaded a post on my feed with a caption that I would soon realise resonated with so many. Have a look below

Many people reached out or commented on how it resonated with them.

Some ask ‘how did you heal after a heartbreak’

Others ask ‘does the pain ever stop’

My answer is often one that sounds so simple

I healed because I made a decision to.

And as for the pain, it gets worse before it gets better. And then eventually there is no more pain. All you’re left with are the scars that no longer hurt when touched. The scars you forget about until someone or something familiar may bring it up. But even when they do, that ache feeling in your heart that you once had whenever someone said his/ her name no longer exist.

Everything we do starts with a decision.

Getting over heartbreak is not an exception. I knew that saying ‘ I choose to get over this heart break’ loud and proud was the first step towards the new me. But it was remaining committed to my decision that was the greatest test.

So many things happen along the journey of recovery. Sometimes we are tempted to go back to the place we left. Other times we are so filled with unforgiveness and resentment that moving on feels impossible.

I had to have faith that this pain would pass

Combatting emotions like this and keeping faith takes devotion to a promise. I had to remind myself of the promises God has for me.

Was it hard?


But it was harder for me to be the girl who stayed so heartbroken that she continued to make bad choices.

In case you are wondering what some of the promises are

God promised us that we would have life and life more abundantly (John 10:10)

Filled with hope and a great future (Jeremiah 29:11)

We will be the bone of the right persons bone and the flesh of their flesh (Genesis 2:23)

We are loved, fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139: 14)

Affirming these promise were what kept me going. But as the days turned to weeks and new emotions kept arising,

I nurtured God’s promises with patience.

I read this in a book titled supernatural faith by Archbishop Sam Amaga. He said we need to nurture the promises of God with patience in order to receive the reward.

The road to recovery after heart break is one that has no set end date. People go through heart break for years and years. Why? Because they become use to the place of mourning what once was instead of yoking them self onto what will be.

Be patient with yourself through the emotions. The more patient you are, the closer you become to the reward.


Heartbreak is a ‘testing of your faith’ So many things will have you wondering if you are strong enough to get through it.

The answer is YES YOU ARE!

When you hold on to the promises of God, you’re allowing patience to do its perfect work.

Daniel in the bible prayed for 21 days. And when the angel of the Lord appeared to him, the angel said Daniel we heard you from day 1!

God sees and hears you from day 1! But like Daniel, God does a work in us.

God used my pain to build me in strength, and to prepare me for the promises He has for me.

He can and will do the same for you if you let Him.

Be patient.

Eventually you’ll see that beneath the layers of hurt lies strength that was waiting to come out.

Although the vision of freedom from heart break may look like it tarries. Never give up. God had got you

This wound will heal.

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