My full wash day routine

Hey beautiful people!

Wash days can seem like a drag but they are essential to your hair routine and when done correctly, you’ll see great results. Below I’ve listed the products I use and the links for them!

Step 1 – Detangle

Section your hair into four bunches. This is to make it easier to detangle your hair.

Spray warm water on your hair section by section. Using a detangle brush, gently detangle your hair going section by section.

I use this Afro detangler and it works wonders!

You can get it from

They are sold out in Green but any colour works the same 😉

You can get it of amazon for a few pounds more.

Step 2 – shampooing

Your hair should still be in 4 sections. To ensure your hair is thoroughly cleaned, wash your hair in the sections by wetting your hair and then lathering the shampoo onto your hair.

Massage the shampoo through your scalp and through your hair in a downward motion

I use the KeraCare 1st Lather shampoo and it is great for a deep clean without that dry feeling

3. Rice water (optional)

I am currently doing the rice water protein treatment every 2 weeks. For details on this and why I incorporated this to my wash day, view my low iron and hair loss video here.

After 30 minutes, rice the treatment out

4. Deep conditioning

I am in love with the KeraCare Hunecto conditioner. It is nothing short of amazing! It makes my hair feel soft and defines my curls beautifully. Apply to your hair section by section and use the afro detangler to detangle your hair

I like to order my conditioner in two’s I love it that much!

Cover your hair with a plastic bag and after 30-45 mins rinse the conditioner out of your hair

5. Lock in the moisture

For full details on how I moisturise my hair, view the last blog entry. As your hair has just been washed, the main products you’ll need is a leave in conditioner, moisturiser and your oils. Apply the deep conditioner through your hair paying special attention to your ends. Using a sulphate free moisturiser, moisturise your hair and scalp. Apply your oil through out your hair, scalp and your edges.

Now air dry. To view how I air dry and to see a detailed video of my wash day routine, view my latest

Thank you for reading and happy wash day!

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