Social distance dating

Imagine you have finally gotten back into the swing of dating or you have finally found someone you want to get to know a bit better and then just like that, you have been thrown into a non optional virtual relationship.

Imagine if before social distancing, you and your partner decided to make it official or that you and your partner are in a critical yet great stage in your relationship, and just like that you are held hostage in your home and have no means of seeing them.

For some, it’s not an imagination, it’s a reality!

For all our married readers, this is how non married people in relationships feel right now because of quarantine!

Ladies and gentlemen quarantine is like the ghetto we need to be better. Like we know it’s the safest thing to do but DANG it is hard. This thing will have you wanting to risk it all. But in the grand scheme of things, what are a few weeks maybe months sacrificed for all the lives we are helping to save.

So how are we going to get through this? I am going to share a few tips that have helped me to occupy myself with things that are edifying. By doing this, you’re able to operate from a place of perspective, wisdom and patience. Besides absence and a place of solitude in any relationship has the power to make it better and stronger if you allow. Also in this journey of abstaining, it’s the blessing some of you didn’t know you needed. So let’s go

1. Spend time with God

This is the best time! Aside from the fact that it’ll give you peace in the midst of uncertainty and is imperative for coming out of this season, it’ll give you clarity on what matters. And if your current relationship is one of the things that matters, time with God will make that clear.

2. Be patient and communicate

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a must! Ask God for patience and effective communication. In this season you’ll probably experience every emotion towards your partner. One minute you want to hug them the next you want to fly kick them. You’re going to need to be patient because if not, you’ll argue over stupid things and now is not the time. E.g. you call him and he doesn’t pick up. That is not the time to send an essay message ‘but what are you even doing anyway, I know you’re at home’ . SIS! Bro! It’s ok. Rest. Not every day reactive text. Breathe in and breathe out. Be intentional! Swap the essay for a ‘thinking of you, call me when you’re free’ text Instead. He/ she needs to miss you while in quarantine not be relieved that you are separate. Additionally, remember your partner isn’t a mind reader. If they do anything to upset you or you them, let them know in a respectful and loving way. Preferable over face time and not a text because messages can be read wrongly.

3. Make them a priority.

You may not be able to see them but make time for them. Message them, video call them and pray for them. Even if it is early days, no prayer for a person is a wasted prayer. A text in the morning to put a smile on their face is a gesture that you undervalued before lock down. Now it’s like gold. It will surprise you both that it is the little things that matter the most.

4. Plan virtual date nights.

The beauty of this time is the creatives have put together all of these apps designed to play games and do virtual activities with your loved ones even from a far. Take advantage of it. Maintain the habit of date nights even in isolation.

5. Work on yourself

When all is said and done and you can hold your partner in your hands, you want he or she to look at you and see the glow up. Spiritually, mentally and physically you should be better. Use this extra time to spend time with God, read more books, to work on your craft and to prepare for the 2020 goals we will still achieve!

Well I hope my 5 tips are helpful. I’ll follow this up with some more tips and genuine updates as the time goes on.

Remember be safe, continue to pray and do your part. We will get through this together and you’ll be one step closer to seeing your bae..

P.s. please recommend some great apps that can be used for date night and activities. I will try them, rate them and share in a future post!

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