Love is not a feeling

Recently I’ve been racking my brain about how it can sometimes be so easy for us to walk away from things or people.

I was speaking to a friend a few days ago and they said ‘Sarah it’s like you have this switch. Once you’re done with something, you can switch off your emotions and just walk away’

A part of me felt quite sad that that’s how they saw me. Especially as this is now the 3rd person to say this to me. It made me question if I was a cold person. The other part of me was quite proud! Because I know in the past I have found it hard to walk away from things. But on closer reflection  I realised that everything that I loved I tried hard to make it work. And if it didn’t work, I would eventually make the decision to move on and never look back. In some cases it was the right things to do and in others, it was just the easiest thing to do.

Fast forward the following day at church, we had a message from the archbishop of Salem International which was nothing short of amazing! And he said something so profound. He said ‘love is not a feeling, it’s hard work’ At that moment something in me started to scream. You see love is something that can often be misconstrued as easy and when challenges arise we exit left.

‘Oh if I love him or he loves me then it shouldn’t be this hard’

Or the one I’m hearing more and more of is ‘if this word was really from God then I would not be facing so many challenges’

Listen God gave the word to Moses and yet Pharaoh did not want to let God’s people go! Imagine if Moses gave up? It took 10 plagues before Pharaoh backed down. Meaning 10 opportunities for Moses to give in and tell the children of Israel to take off their walking shoes because we are staying in Egypt. But he didn’t. His love for God and God’s people made him continue. In continuing, he was able to listen to God’s instruction and see God fight for him at every challenge . Some of us aren’t even on challenge one and we give up. I think society has made us so addicted to the easy and quick life that even when it comes down to relationships, careers, businesses, ministry you name it, we give up when the going gets tough.

Now let’s be clear, there are some things that we ‘love’ that were never intended to be in our path and sadly these tend to be the things we often fight the hardest for. Why? Well I think it’s either because they keep us in our comfort zone or it’s because they feed our flesh so much that we’ve conditioned our self to think we can’t live without it. These things are often the very things you are ‘confused’ about. You know, that thing convicting your spirit but you can’t seem to stop reasoning over it.  These are the things you should work hard to run from.

But to the things or people or calling that you’re dismissing because of the work it involves or the fear of failure or rejection, I say pursue and then be prepared for not every day to be a bed of roses. Why? because in life, the things you love are tested.  Including the things that seemed perfect in the beginning. There is not a good thing that the enemy wants to see manifest. But I have great news! no matter how much the enemy wants to see you fail, you have been blessed with the GREATEST on your side! GOD.

Love is more than the butterflies that you feel.

Love is also the decision you make to go through the fire, to weather out the storm and to pray away that mountain when nothing seems to be going right. But always hold on to the FACT that as long as you walk with God, you may walk though the fire but you will not get burnt. And when precious gems like you are placed into fire’s beauty is produced!

Love is beautiful

and love is intentional. Be prepared to work hard for the things you love and the things God has called you to. Never forget that as long as you have Jesus, it is never a walk you will have to do alone.



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