Thankful 31! I’m my own WCW

My #WCW is me.

The last couple of months I’ve probably questioned everything about me. From my appearance to my intelligence to my character. You name it. I made myself believe that my self criticism was constructive and ‘a thing that everyone does’ when really it was destructive. I would start by telling myself the things that were wrong and then dwell on it instead of looking at how to improve it. I did this to the point that I magnified things to be 10x worse than they actually were.

Over this season I was probably the most miserable I’d been in a while. I couldn’t put a finger on it and then it hit me, I criticised myself so much that I started to become the flaws I pronounced. From confident about my craft to questioning it.

So why am I sharing this. Because the power of words and thoughts got me to this place and so it was only right that it got me out.

We have a few weeks left of 2017. Crazy right. There were so many things I prayed for to happen in 2017 and honestly so many of these things have happened and so many are pending….

A few years ago I did a 31 days of thankfulness challenge. For each day in December I publicly shared one thing I was thankful for. And it truly blessed me! This time I’m going to do it again but the things I’m thankful for are about me.

31 days of positive declaration to remind ourselves that who we are today is not necessarily who we see right now.

I would love for you to join me on this journey.

So from December the 1st (today) lets write down one thing each day that we are thankful for! You can Tweet it, Instagram it, snap it or Facebook it. You name it!

So here is my first one- I am thankful for my confidence.

It has taken a few knocks over the last few years but it always finds a way to come back! #thankful31

We are light and far too often we have allowed darkness to creep in. But our light keeps shining as long as we give it the right power! And there are power in our words!

Also if you are available on the 9th of December I have two amazing events I’ll love to invite you to!

The annual NWM ladies lead the way conference! Last year was life transforming as was the year before! For those who have attended you’ll know it was the place to be at the end of the year and kickstart the next. This years theme is light love lead and it will be an amazing full day conference! Link to the tickets below

I also have my churches first annual praise fest later that evening on the 9th. Please see the flyer below! It’s gonna be great and I can not wait! so make sure you’re at both!

There will be busses to and from the venue from Stratford. Contact me for more information

I hope to see you on the challenge and remember use the hashtag #thankful31

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