My top 10 dating tips 

So this is a bit of a funny one! Funny because I actually don’t really date and also because one would assume that only those expert in the dating game should offer such guidance.

Anywhoooo I thought it would be fun to share what I personally think are of the absolute top tips of dating! So let me know what you think! 

Tip 1 

Don’t go on about your ex or exes. I’ve been on dates where I have wondered why the dude didn’t just invite her to join us! Now let me be honest, I’ve been guilty of this but after being the victim, I have vowed to leave my ex where my ex should be, in the past! 

Tip 2

This one is for the ladies and gents but mostly ladies! Ladies.. please and please on the first date, don’t order the following food -fully loaded burger, chicken wings, onion rings or any other food that will cause you to struggle with cutlery or give you mouth odour that sparemint can’t cure. Save that to date 4, 5 even date 10! Some may say why Sarah? Because why give yourself more reasons to feel uncomfortable? Instead of concentrating on getting to know him, you’ll be wondering how to orchestrate your fork and knife to get that last piece of chicken off the winglet. 

Tip 3 

Ok so fella’s this one is for you. Please don’t ask us out on a first date and then ask us what the plan is. 

So wait you are inviting me out and now I am the one planning the outing? In that case let’s get a Eurostar to Paris on you. We ladies like to feel wooed. Planning a date even if it’s just a casual dinner or a coffee date is essential. To be frank who ever suggests the date should plan it and pay for it 👀

Tip 4

On to the subject of first dates, make sure the settings of your first date allows you to get to know each other. Inviting a girl to the cinema on the first date was cute when they were 16 but at 27, my dear we all have questions! And if it is me you’re dating, cinema or not I will ask mid movie so let’s avoid the embarrassment of sshhh.

Tip 5

Remember who’s child you are. It is important to carry yourself with pride and grace as both a male and a female. Yes we all want to impress the person we are going on a date with but in doing that never allow anyone to question your morals, faith or upbringing #mamadidntraisenofool #JesusDidNotDieForYouToActLikeAnIdiot 

Tip 6

Be honest with the person you’re dating. If you have no intentions of it going anywhere, say it! Will he or she kill you? Stop wasting your time on dates that bare no fruit. 

Tip 7

Never get so familiar that you forget to make an effort for him or her. 

If you know she likes that cologne, spray it. If you know he likes your hair a certain way do it every now and again. Date nights whether date 1 or 100 should be enjoyable! Not because every date will involve a crazy activity but because every date is spent with someone you care enough about to share your time with.

Tip 8

Catfish doesn’t always have to be fake faces. Ladies and gentlemen don’t be a victim. When he or she gives you their credentials, VERIFY. Don’t go and fall in love with Jonathan with good credit only for you to find out it’s Johnny with a county court judgment(CCJ 👀). (p.s. I am not saying that Johnny doesn’t deserve love… he does! But let that love be informed) 

Tip 9 

Make up – ladies now don’t shoot me for this one but caking your face with make up is a big no no. Aside from the fact that you will leave makeup traces everywhere, remember it is a date not a stage play audition. I wear a full face of make up so I am not saying don’t wear that highlight and put on that lippy. I’m just saying to look like you, wear the right shade and don’t scare the dude with unblended concealer lines. 

(Side note, your choice of lipstick on a dinner date matters. Say no to stained lippy teeth! Stick to a nice neutral colour. All this black lip, bright purples and the neon lip is not really appropriate to begin with. Get to know one another first. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be yourself, just be yourself with a neutral lip 😊) 

Tip 10

Get off your phone! 

Give each other the courtesy of your undivided attention. What’s 2 hours away from the cyber world? 

Well on that note! I am done with my top 10! I hope you enjoyed the read! I know I certainly had fun writing it! Let me know your thoughts! 

Thanks for reading xxx

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