Seasonal vs non-seasonal relationships

There are some seasons that I have been through that I never wanted to end.

The season where I was reminded that the world can be a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.

The season where I saw love manifest in the form of a person.

The season where my heart was content and my mind was willing. But the thing is about seasons is that they never remain the same.

Life is a progressive cycle that spins. And how it spins will be determined by the decisions we make.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to not understand the difference between a seasonal relationship and ones that are formed to stand through all seasons.

How do you know the difference? Here are just a few pointers

  1. Seasonal relationships often serve a purpose with an expiration date VS.a non seasonal relationship which has a continual purpose
  2. Seasonal relationships always keep you wondering ‘where is it going’ VS. non seasonal relationships you know where it is going/ have an idea it’s going somewhere 
  3. Seasonal relationships often change during different points in you life VS. non seasonal relationships which evolve and often adapt to changing seasons

Both relationships require you to invest. However the investments you make will determine the returns you receive. It is up to us to invest wisely.

I remember seeing a headline in the papers a few years ago. It said –  ”Britain should prepare for a drought this summer and crops have already been “irreversibly” damaged by this year’s warm weather” 

Firstly if you are from Britain, you like me will be wondering when has Britain ever had warm weather? but on a serious note, I shared this headline because like Britain, I have learnt the painful way that you can’t expect seasons to overrun without repercussions.

There was an after-effect that could not be undone. That extra time we often invest in seasonal relationships, that extra piece of our heart, our commitment or what ever it may be can’t be taken back. We see here that a season over ran its course and the end result was a dryness in a time where seeds were to be cultivated and fruits were to be birthed.

So many of us wonder why we experience elements of drought in our personal life. And in many cases it is because we haven’t made room for a season change. We are so nervous of letting go or entering a new season that we uncomfortably keep our shoulders bare in the transition from summer to autumn and before we know it, we are left out in the cold with no coat and no umbrella to protect us from the rain.

If a season is meant to end, no matter how much you attempt to stop it, it will surely end 

 If you are like me, you often know when it is time for a season to end, but you hold on to all you have invested and all that they have invested in you. Take it from me when I tell you that you should never allow the fear of the known and unknown dictate your actions. If a season is meant to end, no matter how much you attempt to stop it, it will surely end. And when it does make sure you’re ready.

Seasonal relationships teach you lessons that you will hold onto for a lifetime. But don’t forget it is the lessons that are for a lifetime and not the relationship.

Until next time guys 


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