Turning my scars to wisdom 

Hey all!

Last week I put up a post about social media about partners and to my surprise, it was such a well read post and also a post that sparked a number of different debates and conversations.

As interesting as they were, it really made me reflect on my own personal experience and how much my perspective has changed.

It’s important that we all learn to turn our scars into wisdom. The end result of what wisdom produces can never truly be predicted. I never thought at the beginning of my journey that I would feel passionate enough about this subject to post on it and that’s because as the journey progresses, so does my learnings.

Wisdom is often defined as learning from the mistake of others. But when you turn your scars into wisdom, it means you have the opportunity to learn from your own mistakes.

Was it a mistake to put my relationship on social media? – no

Was it a mistake to place unrealistic expectations on myself and my ex to be social media perfect? – yes

Most times the learnings aren’t from the actions you take, but from understanding why you took those actions in the first place.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting more about what I would do differently this time around. Social media was one thing but there are many more… I’ll be touching on families, finances and intimacy to mention a few. Some of these topics may be controversial but hey let’s take each post as it comes.

Thank you for reading

Until next time xx

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