Afraid to fail. 

I have so many plans that are currently tenants in my head. 

I feel like a parent with a grown child still living in my house long past the time they are suppose to evacuate. 

But how do I get you out if im so afraid that you aren’t ready to face the world? What if it’s too early for the world to receive you? If you leave now and it wasn’t the right time, how would I live with myself? How would others look at me? How would I ever survive it if I fail. 

I once heard that the fear of failure was ranked higher than the fear of dying. At the time I was not convinced that this stat was true. I mean how could it be. Dying is so final (On this earth anyway. But that’s a blog for another day) then I looked at my life and began to evaluate. At that point it hit me. If you fail, not only do you have to live with the failure, you have to wake up the next day remembering that you failed. 

It was then that I realised just how damaging the fear to fail really is. 

For many, the fear to fail isn’t just wrapped around the ‘what if’s’ and the judgment of people. It’s more of the feeling internally of letting ourselves and others down. 

Trust overcomes fear. 

Fear is an indication that trust does not exist. If you invite me around for dinner and I trust that you know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t question your ability to be a good host and make me a good meal. But if I do not believe you are capable, I would have major anxiety all the way to your house until I see that everything’s is ok. 

Many of us do not feel we are capable to achieve and before we start, we wish that we could magically see the future so we know how it will turn out.

But we can’t.

We need to start leaving the future seeing to God and get on with it. 

Because that’s really what it is. Our inability to see how it will turn out cripples us. But if we decide to trust the one who does know how it will all end then out hope in God will overcome our fear in our limitations. 

Fear to fail impacts everyone at some point in their lives but just remember Gods perfect love cares for us enough to never allow us to fail. What you may deem as a failure is really a launch pad to your come up! 

Don’t give up before you’ve given over. Give it all to God and trust that he will make it possible. 


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