Failed Relationships: Why did my relationship fail?

Why do relationships fail? Shouldn’t love be fail proof?

You know after my break up I was stuck in a trans of how, why me and is it all a dream. You never go into a relationship with the thought that this may one day fail. Well at least I never.

With time I realised that blaming him and blaming myself would never answer this simple question. So I decided to go through my healing process. The process where I shut the doors and knelt before God.

It was only a matter of time before I realised that love never fails. If your relationship is based on love, true love, God Love, then failing is never on the cards. You see the variables changing in a relationship are the two individuals. So wait does that mean that we fail? Well quite simply the answer is yes.

Now don’t get me wrong or misquote me here, this does not make you a faliure.  It simply means that somewhere along the line we fail at keeping the relationship together because of difference that we have. It could be the realisation that it should have never happened in the first place, people giving up or maybe even love being misunderstood.

Misunderstood? How you may ask?  R n B music may have told you that love hurts but true love never hurts, it heals. Love protects and just like the bible says it is patient and kind. But I bet if you look at the failing of your relationship there was not a kind moment in site and as for patience, well that just never existed. For me acknowledging where I went wrong almost created a false sense of fear for ever trying to get into another relationship.

If a guy even so much as looked at me it was seriously arms house.

(For the early 80’s and above babies and the non south Londoners, arms house means beef or trouble)

You see if God Loves marriage then surely it can’t be this hard. WRONG! Anything the Lord loves the enemy hates and for that reason there will be so many attacks. But the first place the attacks start are your mind. I have spoken to so many females and males who fear relationships, fear marriage and fear commitment. They are surrounded by the news of broken relationships and unhappy marriages that they ask themselves ‘is there hope for me’

Well the answer is YES there is! It took me a while before I realised that all hope was not lost. But there was a process I had to go through to get there. A process I would love to share with you!

On the 25th of February I have decided to put on the first Real Talk with Sarah Alonge ladies only event. I was so nervous to actually do this because there was no screen for me to hide behind! But it is time! And what better month that my Birthday month and the month of Love. This will be an intimate event for only 25 people! yes only 25 people! the reason why is because I want us to literally have girls chat and to be free. (Don’t worry guys I will be doing a mixed gender event in the near future)

I will be sharing some unpublished blog posts including letter to my ex and letter to my crush 🙈… I do like me some letters! And I will also be joined by people who have inspired me through my journey on a panel and discussion discussing everything from abusive relationships to the healing process and moving on! I believe in love because it was out of love that we were all formed!

Tickets go live today! so please don’t miss out and head over to the link below or view in the menu tab up top.

Can’t wait to see you all!


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