Addicted to the bad stuff

Happy new year guys!

Firstly can I just start off by saying 2016 was one heck of a year!

I started off last year optimistic for things that didn’t quite happen. Anyone else able to relate? And so when it came to reflecting, I was a tad dissapointed. I mean it wasn’t like small things happened.. nope it was the big things! Or should I say didn’t happen!
If you know me you know that I never stay negative for too long so I decided to look at the up side. I thought about what life would have been like if all the things I wanted to happen happened! And then just like that 2016 was not so bad after all!
In fact it was flipping fantastic! God you are the real oga at the TOP!

The moment you stop feeling sorry for yourself you start to see all the good things that happened..things you hoped for e.g. A new job and things that came by surprise e.g. New friendships! I personally realised that 2016 was my best year yet! And not because it was perfect but because I made it in my struggles! So cheers to 2016 and HELLO 2017!

So on to this post! I bet you looked at the title and thought what is she on about now! Well just as I have stated above it is about being addicted to the bad stuff.

You see as humans, we  tend to want the things that aren’t always best for us. We have to literally train ourselves and input discipline in order to choose the right things!


  • Chocolate/ sweets VS fruit & veg?
  • Parking with your hazzard lights on for 5 minutesVS paying at the pay and display machines?
  • Making passionate love with the guy you day dream about VS choosing to wait until MR right comes and makes an honest woman out of you #BeforeGodAndMan (don’t worry mum..This is just an example.. I only dream about Jesus 😌)

YUP lets face it! We as a society are addicted to the bad stuff! And with that comes choosing the quick/comfortable route! Funny thing is none of the above are actually bad… well I mean illegally parking is. But sex and chocolate are not bad as long as it is consumed within reason and with the right credentials 😂

It’s all in the discipline 

For 2017 I have made up my mind to be disciplined and let go of choosing the desires of my flesh over the needs of my destiny. I have a few friends that are #fitfam! And every day of the week they put the right things in their bodies at the right time. They call it balance I call it showing off (yes I am hating) They make it seem so easy but when you speak to them they will let you know that it takes (not took) constant discipline, educating and FOCUS!

In 2016 I found that a lot of people wanted it the easy way. They wanted the quick fix! Me included. But we have to work for it and we have to want it! We have to feed ourselves with meaningful things over reality TV’s false realities. We have to remain focused. If you are like me you have 101 goals for this year but we can’t get there by being addicted to the things that are bad for us or abusing the things that are good! I mean sleep is good but when you’re still in bed at midday and you have not worked a night shift… boo you’re lazy #JustSaying

How to get your focus 

I believe writing down why you want your goals is more important than goal-setting itself. Because this is where you find your focus.

Once you write down why you want them,  detail out how you plan to get them! That is where you put discipline into practice! It’s that simple! There are no 12 steps to it or catchy acronyms (although I did try to make some up) All you need to do is know why you want it and map out how you’re going to get it.

2017 is going to be a great year and with God and Focus, you can NOT fail!



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