Making the hard decisions 

So I hope you read this to the end so you see why I’m telling you this story. So here it goes.

When I was applying to university all those years ago, I had my mind set on the university I wanted to go to. I worked hard towards the grades and I had friends already there. It was a perfect scenario. My insurance choice was still a good university, closer to home but still far enough to live on campus. Main issue was that I didn’t know anyone going there and I didn’t know anyone who was already there.

Closer to the time that I was going, my mum had a dream that I would be going to my insurance university. Accompanied with her dream was a gut feeling that I was suppose to go to my insurance choice. I rebuked the dream, dismissed her feeling and kept it moving. Funny thing is I needed the same grades to get into both institutions. So it’s either I got into both or none!

As life would have it, I logged onto my UCAS on results day and guess what?! I was rejected by my first choice and accepted by my insurance! Of course I called up with raging emotions to see why. I mean I had received my grades and I had enough points to get into both! But there was no explanation.

When my mum had that feeling I had a decision to make. I knew her intuition meant something but the thought of me being uncomfortable and messing up my ‘plan’ made me dismiss it.

But you see God is truly gracious. He straight up set me up so the decision was pretty much made for me. Why? Because he knew that at this university I would finally dedicate my life to him and meet people who were literally connected to my destiny. Since then I have had to make a lot of harder decisions. Some that I thought would hurt me and some that I thought would  hurt others. I have also been at the receiving end to tough decision that truly did hurt me but now looking back I see the good. I read something once by Joyce Meyer and she said

 ‘To reap right results, you have to do right even when you don’t feel like it’ 

Honestly there are days that I wanted God to change things about just like with university! That way I won’t have to make the decision. But of course that almost never happened!
If you have to make a decision today that you think you can’t, here is what I would say to you.

Firstly, always seek God in the big and small

Secondly, think forward. Set your mind on the purpose and destiny God has for you. The reason it often feels so hard is because the thing you are holding onto feels comfortable but deep down you know that it’s not right.

Thirdly, take emotions out of the equation. Feelings have no sense of discernment. It’s 100% impulse

I know this because I made the hardest decision of my life so far. I mean I originally thought I was the recipient of the decision and so I learnt how to not only deal with my new normal but also see the good in it. Until all of a sudden what I thought I wanted back in the beginning was now possible!

I should be happy right? Finally we can pick things up and move on!

But then I knew that as painful as it was, separating was the right decision. I had to over look the love, the years, the good and the bad memories and move on.

That thing we call destiny, is too important for us to miss it. I believe we have all been created for a purpose. The decisions we make impact whether we live in or out of the purpose God created for us. You will feel uncomfortable and it will often mess up your plan but that’s because the plan God has for us is far bigger than what our inferior human minds can handle. My friends often ask me how I knew that the right decision had been made. Each time my response was this – ‘When I turn off my emotions for one minute, I have a feeling of peace that I feel even in the mist of my brokenness. This feeling reminds me that what I’m doing is in God’s will for my life’

I hope that whatever you decide to do in whatever you are facing, you too feel that beautiful peace!

Until next time x

6 thoughts on “Making the hard decisions 

  1. jewelwriter says:

    Lost for words! I love the way you write! The voice behind every letter is that of a powerful and wisdom/spirit-filled individual! Your ability to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Him will not only store up rewards for you here, but in Heaven where it all matters the most!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elizabeth Arinola Olutayeshe says:

    Wonderful write up cousin. God is in the valley, God is in Ocean, God is in the storm. In everything continue to learn and trust in His words. He only owned and known the destiny of our lives. God bless you baby.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Racheal says:

    Very very blessed by this – thank you. Life is full of tough decisions… as you leave one, another rears its ugly head. But I totally agree, a sense of peace and an ‘I can’ feeling comes over you once you take it to God (the best advisor ever). God bless you sis xxx


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