5 reasons why you should solo travel

Hey guys!

So if you follow me on social media, you will know that I spent the last 2 weeks In the United States and I traveled all alone!

I booked a ticket to ATL and a return ticket from New York. 4 flights, a few extra pounds (all that fried food) and a large bank balance statement later, I can honestly say I had the time of my life! And I would do it again!!

From my posts you will know 2016 has been a dramatic year for me to say the least. So getting on a flight with the intention of having fun and reflecting on life was a well welcomed treat.

Luckily in both states I have friends and family. My cousin wasn’t too far from my hotel in ATL. This meant that if I ever got tired of touring alone I could always get an uber to her and say hello. Also I have a life long friend in NY Which meant accommodation was free. I should add that in NY professionals work day in and out so be prepared to get a metro card, a map and plan a day packed of activities lol. But of course I could always meet up with my friend after work when she was available. And the times I did…well lets just say what happens in NY stays in NY (Don’t worry guys I am still saved lol)

Anyway I will do a more detailed post with some highlights from my trip but here are 5 reasons…

1) You can do what you want!  

Now let me be real with you, I was excited.. Don’t get me wrong I love travelling with my girls but sometimes I just want to do things in my own time without having to be rushed or on the flip side me waiting on someone. And some days I just want to sit on the patio and read a book! So that’s exactly what I done!

2) You will learn to enjoy your own company 

It wasn’t long before I learnt that I didn’t really know myself as well as I thought I did. I’m such a people’s person and a phone person that I’m rarely alone! And when I am alone, I’m working. So here I was alone, 5 hour time difference from home and without access to my work. I found it tricky to not pick up the phone and scroll through instagram or watch snaps and that’s a problem. Why are you afraid of being alone Sarah? Or why do you feel the need to always do something. It was then I realised I need to be less of a Martha and soak it all up! So that’s what I done. I enjoyed my own company, spent time in fellowship with God and some days I sat in silence! And guess what, I’m pretty cool company. Quite reflective and spiritual if I do say so myself! – You should try it! you don’t need a holiday to enjoy your own company.

3) You will date yourself

Sometimes take yourself out to eat at a high end restaurant, or take yourself to Broadway and buy great seats! It’s ok to be good to you! If you aren’t good to you who will be?

P.s. If you go to see a Broadway show make sure you see the colour purple it was AMAZING

4) You will have plenty of ‘firsts’

So as I traveled alone, I had to be aware of the fact that I would be doing many things alone for the first time. For example I went to restaurants and had dinner alone (never done that before). I went to the Theatre alone, that was also my first time and I also went to a live show taping of Wendy Williams alone! I had such a great time doing all of these activities. And I also made friends!  We spend all of our life being told ‘don’t speak to strangers’ but honey when you are at a live show taping all alone or a dinner table alone, people will speak to you! and you should engage. Speaking to random people made my holiday that much more enjoyable!

5) You will increase your knowledge 

This was true on many fronts! I learnt many new things about the culture, history and myself! I guess this was made easier as I intentionally went to exhibitions and museums. One of my highlights was going to the home, church and exhibition of Martin Luther King Jr. It was mind blowing! So I guess what I would say is be intentional to learn something new. We are never too old or too educated to learn! Remember that people.

Well guys I hope I have convinced you to take this plunge! It doesn’t have to be expensive..It could be a train to the next town or a short haul flight to another city. But I believe in your lifetime that you should do this at least once!

Thank you for reading! And please remember to follow, comment, share and like xxx

Side note: Next week I’m going to have 2 post – I’m going to be doing a Q&A post about my trip and also a post titled ‘I’m not perfect’ I wrote it while I was away on one of my ‘reflective days’

Ask me any questions for the Q&A below in the comment box, on Instagram, twitter or snap chat! Thank you guys! Until next time xxxx

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