7 ways to smile through it


Smile, You’re on camera.

More times than I could count, people would walk up to me and asked me ‘how do you do it?’ It was not long before I realised that after my very public situation people were and to some extent are still watching me.

”How is it that your wedding was cancelled the week it was due to be held and you picked yourself up and went back to work?” Or that the very next day after the wedding was suppose to take place you came to church and faced 50% of the guest list.  Now do not get me wrong all of these things were hard, really really hard but I actively made a few decision. In the mist of the pain of heart break and tears, I asked for God to give me strength and then I  followed a few steps that I am going to share with you.

1) Take your life off pause

Pausee.jpg (Shout out to Rev Wonu for this one)

The world does not stop because of an earthquake. Literally and figuratively it keeps on moving. Whatever it is you were doing before e.g. running a business, working, do it now but do it better. Yes it’s ok to take a breather but get up, get out and do you!

2)Look good

look good.jpgHave you ever heard the saying look good feel good? Well it is true. We are currently in generation ‘tweet how I feel, snap how I feel’ and for many they also dress how they feel. Stop that! Get up, wash your face, iron your clothes, if you are a female beat that face and keep it moving.Taking care of your exterior does not mean that you should ignore what’s going on in the inside. I’m simply saying that you may not be able to directly control what is going on around you but the way you look, that’s all you boo! Control that and give the enemy something to be worried about…#NoStoppingThisShine.


3)Put it in archive
You know what it is that has brought you to this point. You already have the mental knowledge so why the visual. Box it all up! Stop revisiting the pain by opening up closed doors. If it’s a picture, box it! If it’s a letter, seal up the envelope, if it is a person…honey well sometimes you just have to options delete. Stop making your history your present. 

4) Close the circle
Listen I am not a fan of isolating yourself in the mist of hard times. I have done it and it is not healthy. But you see so many of us fall victim to vent-olitus. No I did not make it up. It is a condition that causes an individual to tell everyone and anyone their problems because they just want to let it all out! I have also done this and well lets just say the repercussions can’t really be described using clean words. I liken this tip to wearing a corset. To the public those rolls are concealed and that waist is sucked all the way in. But to those in my living quarters, the corset is removed and every thing is on display. Who do you have in your living quarters? Have you tested each spirit? There is nothing worse than bad advice, unwanted advice and un-Godly advice. The combination of these three are deadly so be discerning when you let people into your closet and close up that circle!

5) Declarations
I am that person that you see periodically through out the day who appears to be talking to herself. Thankfully now I have learnt to put in some earphones and style it out. Guys it is not madness to remind yourself of who you are. Positive words invites positive thoughts. I honestly tell myself ‘Sarah this did not break you and you still have breath so get up and be great’ Now I know that when you do not feel positive its hard to know what to declare and it is fine. Draw strength and wisdom from the word of God and declare over your life what you know God has promised you.

6) Work it out
Yup that is right! Release some endorphin’s. Take a walk, if you can sign up to the gym, swim, just keep active! (Started again a few weeks ago and it feels so good)
It is scientifically proven that endorphin’s a.k.a happy hormones are released when we work out. You may not be smiling on your way into the gym but you certainly will be on your way out! 

7) Remain Thankful
In the mist of it all, you will always find that there is so much to be thankful for. When you sit back and you truly see the blessings in your life and those around you, you know that there is a lot to be thankful for. Focus on the good as a reminder that this too shall pass

Thanks for reading guys! And remember the attitude towards your trial will determine the outcome! Choose to go through it gracefully and trusting always that God is there with you through the fire making sure that you do not get burnt. He is the only one who knows and is there right with you. Speak to him…he wants to hear from you x

Until Next time Guys

9 thoughts on “7 ways to smile through it

  1. Memory says:

    You go girl !!
    So inspirational! It’s easy to believe or say “I’ve got this …” When in reality though you may do, you haven’t really explored all the steps it takes to completely heal. And always addressing all areas that you been affected to ensure the end result is permanent. Not always going back and forth.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ronke Dima-Okojie says:

    Thank you Sarah for this lovely piece. It’s important to be thankful even in the midst of pain, God really cares, we feel His strength and the warmth of His embrace when our total dependency is on Him. This piece will surely bless many of your readers. Shalom!

    Liked by 1 person

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